Comprehensive Exams

Broadmoor Valley Dental services is pleased to offer our client residents advanced dental care in the comfort and convenience of their own facility. Our dentist works efficiently to reduce stress on patients while providing the highest quality service. We provide the facility with comprehensive treatment plans and can visit the patients at their bedside.

Hygiene Services

When our dentist prescribes hygiene services, our licensed hygienists will visit the patient within a few weeks of receiving nursing staff approval (informed consent from the family and PETI Approval is required). Our hygienists are extensively trained in treating the elderly with emphasis on gentle care and stress reductions. We bill PETI at no cost to eligible patients.


Extractions can be unsettling, even more so if you are transported out of your comfortable environment to a dental office with it’s strange smells and sounds. Because we do digital x-rays in your facility, we can tell if an extraction is needed and if it is appropriate to perform the procedure in an environment that feels safe and familiar. Not all extractions can be performed in the facility, in which case, for patient safety, they will be referred out to an oral surgeon or the dentist’s private local office.


The availability of portable dental equipment allows the dentist to provide services, such as fillings, in the facility. More complicated procedures would be completed in the comfort of the dentist’s local office.


We offer both partials and complete dentures. Additionally, we reline and rebase existing dentures and can add teeth to existing partials, we manufacture night guards for those who grind their teeth at night. If dentures are needed we fabricate a very high quality, comfortable excellent fitting denture. All dentures are personalized with the owner’s name to reduce the risk of loss.

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